Pls call 0917-847-4831. Minimum 500pesos delivery to Ortigas, Fort, Makati. Other areas have a minimum order and minimum delivery fee



CAMOTE CHIPS WITH VEGAN AIOLI: low calorie baked naturally flavored camote chips with vegan garlic aioli

PHP 100

FRIED DUMPLINGS: 5 pcs shiitake and leek dumpling hand-wrapped in our home-made dough served with Ponzu sauce (also available steamed)

PHP 160

FRIED RISOTTO BALLS: 5 pcs soy béchamel infused risotto balls with 3 kinds mushroom fried in a crispy panko crust served with our signature marinara sauce

PHP 160

HUMMUS: our home-made tangy chickpea spread with choice of..

Vegetable Crudité PHP 150

Flax Crackers           PHP 160

Combination           PHP 160



LENTIL SOUP: minestrone-style lentil soup with chopped carrots, pumpkin, spinach and zucchini

PHP 110

CASHEW CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP: sautéed mushrooms blended in soy milk and cashew cream with a touch of Mediterranean herbs

PHP 120

HOME-STYLE CHILI WITH VEGAN SOUR CREAM: a light chili with chopped herbs and an extra jalapeño kick served with our home-made sour cream

PHP 140

LAKSA: rice noodles in a spicy coconut lemongrass broth with mushrooms, tofu and vegetables

PHP 180



GARDEN ROLL: 2 pcs. julienné of bell pepper, zucchini, carrots, and rice noodles wrapped in fresh rice paper with a home-made peanut butter dressing

PHP 140

GREEK SALAD: crunchy chunks of cucumber and tomato tossed with vegan tofu feta, olives, slivers of marinated onion and a lemon-basil dressing

Php 150

VEGAN CAESAR: crunchy greens topped with nutritional yeast, flavorful crumbled tofu, flax cracker croutons and our own vegan Ceasar Dressing

PHP 165

APPLE WALNUT SALAD: crunchy apples and caramelized walnuts on a bed of crispy lettuce served with a balsamic dressing

PHP 170

MEXICAN SALAD: Shredded organic mesclun lettuce shredded, barbeque red beans, black bean cilantro salsa, tortilla chips, fake-o “bacon” bits, vegan nutritional cheese and a paprika pimiento vinaigrette

PHP 175



Served with Side Salad and Chips

MOM’S MUSHROOM BURGER PANINO: our famous mushroom burger patty, caramelized onions, arugula, vegan aioli and lemon zest in the Village Bakers artisanal ciabatta

PHP 240

VEGAN LONGGANIZA PANINO: Our special mushroom longganiza with tofu feta crumbles, vegan aioli and tomatoes

PHP 240

FALAFEL GYRO: 3 crunchy falafels, brown rice turmeric pilaf and shredded lettuce wrapped in pita and served with garlic soy yogurt and healthy chips

PHP 250

BIG BURGER BURRITO: special barbeque beans, Spanish tomato rice, mushroom burger sausage and lettuce wrapped in a flour tortilla with a side of salsa and sour cream * (contains dairy – specify cashew cream for vegans)

PHP 250



Served with Side Salad and Bread Sticks

 PANCIT PALABOK: rice noodles topped with seaweed infused vegan palabok sauce and topped with crunchy tofu, garlic and crumbles of vegan longganiza

PHP 180

MARINARA: penne pasta in a simple and delicious stew of tomatoes with olives, capers and fresh basil.

PHP 165

CASHEW CREAM AND PESTO: penne pasta with home-made organic pesto and our signature herbed cashew cream

PHP 175

SPINACH PASTA: penne pasta organic spinach, home-made pesto, glazed garlic topped with extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest.

PHP 185

TRUFFLE MUSHROOM PASTA: penne pasta with porcini, shiitake and oyster mushroom in a cashew cream miso base with truffle essence and lemon zest.

PHP 250



Served with side salad

LONGGANIZA MEAL: 3 pcs. of garlicky mushroom longganiza on a bed of coconut rice and atsara

PHP 190

KOREAN RICE MEAL: pan-seared tofu with applesauce mushroom bulgogi, spicy bibimbap style vegetable rice with a side salad and kimchi

PHP 240

JAPANESE RICE MEAL: pan-seared tofu with teriyaki tofu crumble, vegetable rice, side salad and radish pickle

PHP 240

MOROCCAN RICE MEAL: 2 crunchy falafels topped with hummus, turmeric rice pilaf, a bowl of lentil soup and side salad

PHP 240

3 KINDS MUSHROOM BROWN RICE RISOTTO: porcini, shiitake and oyster mushroom stewed in cashew cream and miso topped with 3 kinds of mushrooms and lemon zest PHP 250



GLUTEN-FREE APPLE PIE: cruchy gluten-free crust with stewed apples sweetened with muscovado and topped with a cinnamon crumble and vanilla cashew cream

GLUTEN-FREE BANANA CREAM PIE: Creamy vegan pudding with layers of banana, chocolate and peanut butter in a nutty crust topped with cacao nibs.

GRANOLA PARFAIT: Home-made fruit and nut granola with layers of vanilla cashew cream and sprinkled with chia seeds and cacao nibs.



Roselle Cooler with Vanilla PHP 100

Fresh Calamansi with Coconectar PHP 100

Calamansi, Lemongrass and Coconectar PHP 110

Mango Shake PHP 110

Watermelon Shake PHP 110

Banana Shake PHP 110

Pineapple Shake PHP 110

Combination PHP 110



Espresso PHP 90

Brewed Americano PHP 90

Capuccino or Latte PHP 100

Café Mocha PHP 120

Soy Chai Latté Pot PHP 120

Hot Tea Pot   PHP 90

What is Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

Ever get those lazy, sluggish, brain-fog days where you are lacking in motivation so you reach for the coffee , the sugared drinks and the processed bread and feel a surge of energy that lasts no longer than a trip to the kitchen to check out the fridge. Chances are you have what is called Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Although not a syndrome per se recognized by conventional medicine, eastern medicine and other alternative energetic healing modalities are quick to recognize this as a modern stress syndrome.

Some symptoms of Adrenal Stress Syndrome that can be diagnosed as other illnesses quoted from this website:

♠Weight gain, especially in waist or stomach, and it stubbornly sticks to you
♠ Fatigue ~ lack of energy ~ lethargy
♠ Insomnia
♠ Brain fog ~ difficulty concentrating

♠ Morning sluggishness ~ need for stimulants to get you moving
♠ Constipation
♠ Nervousness ~ anxiety
♠ Mild depression
♠ Dry skin and hair
♠ Arthritis
♠ Pain in upper back and neck
♠ Unexplained hair loss
♠ Cold hands and feet ~ or just plain cold
♠ Allergies ~ both inhalants and food
♠ Low body temperature
♠ Reduced sex drive

What are your Adrenals anyway and why are they so important? the Adrenals are endocrine glands that sit on top of our kidneys. The adrenals secrete and manage stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. Simply put, cortisol is a hormone released in response to stress. Although important is some aspects, too much cortisol can suppress immune system, decrease bone density and increase blood sugar. Adrenaline (or epinephrine) is responsible for our fight-or-flight response (the hormone that can make a mother carry-a-car-if-it-falls-on-top-of-her-child kind of response). Norepinephrine acts in a similar way, making our heart beat and blood pump faster to our muscular system. Just living in the 21st century with all the negative news and media, the pollution, the traffic, the over scheduling and all the the challenges of modern living are enough to put our body in a constant state of stress that deplete our adrenal glands.

In esoteric terms, Adrenals are associated with the root chakra, which may result in feeling ungrounded, fearful, lethargic, depressed and unable to manifest or achieve as much as we want in life especially financially and sexually.

You can take the Adrenal Fatigue Quiz and assess your level.

Here are other specific causes of Adrenal Fatigue and I quote from this website:

“An illness, a life crisis, or a continuing difficult situation can drain the adrenal resources of even the healthiest person. However, there are factors that can make you more susceptible to adrenal fatigue. These include certain lifestyles (poor diet, substance abuse, too little sleep and rest, or too many pressures), chronic illness or repeated infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia, prolonged situations that you feel trapped or helpless in (bad relationships, stressful jobs, poverty, imprisonment), or maternal adrenal fatigue during gestation.”

So in a nut-shell, pretty much “not knowing how to handle our stress-levels” and poor-diet can deplete our adrenals. Not knowing how to handle stress is different from stress itself. Stressors will always exist, but our perspective can change.

In my 44 years on this planet, I have learned that life will always be what it is, but how we handle it makes all the difference. Engaging in soothing and centering exercises such as meditation, breathing (pranayama), yoga and tai-chi can help us to manage the stress in our life with ease and acceptance. Removing refined and processed foods and carbohydrates, preservatives, junk-food, fast-food and heavy meat can also help us rejuvenate our adrenal glands. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole foods and super foods like spirulina, wheatgrass, and red/purple fruits and vegetables as well as amino-acids from good high-quality protein sources such as chlorella, flax, hemp and chia seeds. Personally, eliminating wheat  and gluten was the best thing I did for my adrenals since I was already eating the right food as a vegetarian but my body was unable to process too much gluten and wheat so it wasn’t able to properly digest and absorb all the fruits and vegetables I was eating.

If you have any more questions about Adrenal Fatigue, feel free to email me at: deniseceldran@yahoo.com

To recalibrate your body, you can also try a 3, 5 or 7 day Thrive Detox Program , coupled with yoga and/or detox breathing with the Art of Living part 1 course.  I can personally vouch that the Art of Living course is a game-changer in terms of handling stress and the tendencies of the mind to dwell in the negative. In our small minded-ness, we manifest negatives first so when we ask for abundance, the Universe sends us an abundance of the negative that we are thinking. Since we cannot control the mind from the level of the mind, it is necessary to learn “tricks” such as breathing, meditation and other energy-healing modalities. That way we bypass the mind and before we know it, negativity drops away and we are able to manifest positive things in life. Try any of these suggestions and see how that works for you in terms of increasing your energy level, well-being and ability to attract beautiful things and people into your life.

Cheers to healthy adrenals!

xox Denise


EDGY VEGGY is cooking up lots of mushroom goodness together with our partner MINISTRY OF MUSHROOMS (MoM). Marco, Nano and JJ are the men behind the Ministry and you can find them at the Salcedo Market in Makati every saturday (8am to 2pm) making their amazing mushroom burgers. But MoM is more than just mushrooms. They’ve got soul and they have a purpose:

Peace. Love. Harmony. Mushrooms.

Mushrooms can heal the World! Did you know that oyster mushrooms have active ingredients that can actually prevent cancer and enhance immunity. You can also use mushroom mycelia as a substitute for wood and plastic in packaging. The applications of fungi are endless and they are just getting started…

Nano (Victor), Marco and JJ (Jose Javier). Ministry of Mushroom Men

At the market, you can also find fresh oyster mushrooms, dried oyster mushrooms (great for flavoring soups and casseroles) and  mushroom bags to grow your own mushrooms at home!

So we’ve come up with some mushroom goodies like MUSHROOM TAPENADE (300 pesos for 200g bottle). Its marinated oyster and shiitake mushrooms with oven roasted garlic, herbs, cracked red peppercorns and extra virgin olive oil. Its great to have around the kitchen to serve as dip, or put in pastas, salads and other dishes. This dish is vegan.

Also on the menu are MUSHROOM LASAGNA (not vegan! 300 pesos a tray good for 2) full of creamy béchamel goodness, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms galore :-) MUSHROOM TURNOVER (also not vegan) is stuffed with spinach and mushroom yumminess plus tasty marinated feta cheese (300 pesos a box of 6).

Catch the Mushroom Boys at Salcedo market’s MINISTRY OF MUSHROOM booth!

Yummily yours,



Crowding Out the Bad Food in your Diet


I mentioned in an earlier post that we get our life force energy from 4 sources. The first is from the food we eat and water we drink, the second from sleep, the third from having peace of mind and the fourth is from breathing. If you are having a low energy day, analyze the four sources and chances are, it’s the food you ate.

The energy from food is derived mainly from the photosynthetic action in plants that creates chlorophyll, which absorbs the energy from the sun. If we eat something full of chlorophyll, we are actually eating energy straight from the sun.

While green veggies contain chlorophyll, colored vegetables and fruits contain different phytonutrients similar to chlorophyll that are anti-oxidant and incredibly healthy for us. Check out this link for a list of all the colored fresh foods we can eat. Unprocessed seeds are also little powerhouses of energy. The minute we process all of these food through milling, cooking, preserving or other means, we lose not only the nutrients but also the inherent life force energy of the food.

Compare how you feel after eating a healthy meal of different vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruits and how you feel after a Noche Buena feast of callos, lechon, canned fruit salad and leche flan. When are you most likely jump up and take on the world with a vengeance? Certainly not on Christmas day when most of us are struggling with a hangover and empacho from the night before. Isn’t it much easier to take on difficult tasks and make clear decisions after a lovely, light and colorful meal?

There is a direct relation to what we eat and how we feel after. The pleasure and high we derive from eating refined food is momentary on the lips as we often experience a drop in energy very soon after.

In this day and age of fast, processed and refined food, the incidence of malnutrition is skyrocketing. Malnutrition is no longer having little or nothing to eat, but eating the wrong things. Never before have we consumed so much food and are yet so painfully lacking in nutrition. Overweight people are severely malnourished and are prone to all sorts of lifestyle and auto-immune diseases.

We are a nation of nutritionally stressed people and this lack of Prana is also causing us to feel somewhat depressed and un-centered.

It’s a vicious cycle because when we feel low, we usually reach for more sugar or refined foods to pump ourselves up. We have become addicted to the short energy high that junk food brings.

But how to cut the cravings for junk food?? I myself took so long to get my act together, food-wise. Even when I first turned vegetarian, I was nutritionally stressed from eating too much cheese, pasta, rice and desserts. I would do a lot of yoga and pranayama (breathing) but my energy levels were still low.

I used the “CROWDING OUT” method to kick the addiction to unhealthy refined food. By crowding out I would start every meal with a fruit smoothie, salad or fresh fruits and vegetables. Then just so I wouldn’t feel deprived, I would have some white rice or pasta, dessert or even junk food if I was craving it. I crowded out the bad with fresh whole foods. I noticed that over time, I would eat less and less ‘bad food’ and more and more of the healthy food. I also substituted white rice, white sugar, white bread and anything refined with the whole food version. Brown and black rice, coco sugar and whole grains now filled my plate.

By crowding out, I never felt deprived of my favorite food, but I always made sure I ate the good stuff first. As a result, I had more energy, more concentration and I even stopped taking naps during the day. My body was also more flexible due to the reduction in inflammation that phytonutrients brings.

So take it a step at a time and crowd out the bad stuff with good and pretty soon you will find a balance that works for you.

Cheers and happy crowding out !!


Is it just me or do the holidays keep on comin’ ? There was Christmas, then Chinese New Year, then Holy Week and now the May 1 long weekend?? (well only a long weekend if you plan to take monday off like I do). Holidays mean beach time for me. And beach time usually means lots and lots of food. Good food, bad food, its all there in copious quantities. There was a time that the holidays used to get me down because of all the unhealthy food I was eating. It was a vicious cycle. I would eat a lot of refined food and junk then sit around doing nothing all day  (cause my energy level was so low). To get a temporary high, I would eat more sugar and carbs, then feel so low again after..

But surprisingly in the past few months, I actually savored every second of all my holidays in an “Action Jackson” sort of way. As in swimming, sailing, boating, snorkeling, hiking and walking. Most importantly, I kept off the white carbs and junk food and filled up with the good stuff. Sure I ate some pizza, pasta and white sinangag but not in the amounts that I used to. I used to have the appetite of a truck driver when it came to white rice. Now I look at white rice and pasta and it just looks so sticky and unappetizing to me.

I was able to keep of the bad food because I worked on keeping my Prana (life force energy) high. When my energy level is high, I am able to resist the temptation of junk and unhealthy carbs.

The main way i keep my Prana level high is by religiously sticking to my daily Sadhana (meaning regular spiritual practice). It includes simple yoga, pranayama (rhythmic breathing) and meditation. Everyday, no fail, no matter how I feel and no matter where I am, I do this like my life depended on it. Because it does. I love what it does to me so much i actually became a teacher for the Art of Living (http://www.artoflivng.org.ph). It was definitely a Life-Changer. It cleared the mind and cleared the body.

I normally do my Sadhana in the morning. I breathe out any “edge” I may be feeling when I wake up (average garden variety anxiety). My energy level is usually good at this point but I top it off with high Prana food. Pre-breakfast is usually a Super Green Super Smoothie (fruits and veggies with chlorella, spirulina, acai, goji, hemp, maca, rooibos and coconectar). It makes me wanna fly. If I have a full day of outdoor activity ahead, I’ll supplement breakfast with some brown rice and sautéed mushrooms or some oatmeal and fruits.

Lunch starts off with a large green salad and a calamansi olive oil dressing. Then I wait a bit and eat whatever is on offer, a little pizza, a little pasta, a little quiche. I may be full but I’m not sleepy. The more high energy whole foods I eat, the less craving I get for ‘unhealthy’ food. The Cheetos may be in front of me and l’ll have a few pieces but that’s it. It’s worlds away from what i used to be. Dinner is more of the same, healthy whole food and maybe a bite or two of not so healthy food just because its there.

Aside from my Sadhana and eating high energy food, I also sleep early. Gone are my rockin’ and a rollin’ days. Early for me is midnight, then up at 6am. I find that the higher my Prana level, the less i need to sleep.

My fourth source of Prana comes from doing something good for the spirit. Like sailing. Like designing and building my own little boat. The satisfaction that comes from doing something beautiful and extra-ordinary.

Here is a picture of my little sailboat or rather sailbanca named TINY (short for This Is Not a Yacht). That’s not me on the boat, that’s Bon, the magic carpenter who hand-crafted the boat and hand-sewed the sail.


Now I have my sights set on creating something bigger that I can take passengers on but first I have to understand the wind and the sea..

Aah.. Life is good :-)

have a happy edgy veggy weekend

Team Edgy Veggy is hanging out this weekend: shooting new THRIVE dishes, breathing the fresh air, and visiting the farm.

For breakfast we’ve had the SUPER SMOOTHIE with 10 super food ingredients, spelt- buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon and sea salt, fresh pear compote, and some lovely ripe mangoes.

Next stop: the market for some buko, local produce, and tsinelas!

Happy weekend everyone!