Is it just me or do the holidays keep on comin’ ? There was Christmas, then Chinese New Year, then Holy Week and now the May 1 long weekend?? (well only a long weekend if you plan to take monday off like I do). Holidays mean beach time for me. And beach time usually means lots and lots of food. Good food, bad food, its all there in copious quantities. There was a time that the holidays used to get me down because of all the unhealthy food I was eating. It was a vicious cycle. I would eat a lot of refined food and junk then sit around doing nothing all day  (cause my energy level was so low). To get a temporary high, I would eat more sugar and carbs, then feel so low again after..

But surprisingly in the past few months, I actually savored every second of all my holidays in an “Action Jackson” sort of way. As in swimming, sailing, boating, snorkeling, hiking and walking. Most importantly, I kept off the white carbs and junk food and filled up with the good stuff. Sure I ate some pizza, pasta and white sinangag but not in the amounts that I used to. I used to have the appetite of a truck driver when it came to white rice. Now I look at white rice and pasta and it just looks so sticky and unappetizing to me.

I was able to keep of the bad food because I worked on keeping my Prana (life force energy) high. When my energy level is high, I am able to resist the temptation of junk and unhealthy carbs.

The main way i keep my Prana level high is by religiously sticking to my daily Sadhana (meaning regular spiritual practice). It includes simple yoga, pranayama (rhythmic breathing) and meditation. Everyday, no fail, no matter how I feel and no matter where I am, I do this like my life depended on it. Because it does. I love what it does to me so much i actually became a teacher for the Art of Living (http://www.artoflivng.org.ph). It was definitely a Life-Changer. It cleared the mind and cleared the body.

I normally do my Sadhana in the morning. I breathe out any “edge” I may be feeling when I wake up (average garden variety anxiety). My energy level is usually good at this point but I top it off with high Prana food. Pre-breakfast is usually a Super Green Super Smoothie (fruits and veggies with chlorella, spirulina, acai, goji, hemp, maca, rooibos and coconectar). It makes me wanna fly. If I have a full day of outdoor activity ahead, I’ll supplement breakfast with some brown rice and sautéed mushrooms or some oatmeal and fruits.

Lunch starts off with a large green salad and a calamansi olive oil dressing. Then I wait a bit and eat whatever is on offer, a little pizza, a little pasta, a little quiche. I may be full but I’m not sleepy. The more high energy whole foods I eat, the less craving I get for ‘unhealthy’ food. The Cheetos may be in front of me and l’ll have a few pieces but that’s it. It’s worlds away from what i used to be. Dinner is more of the same, healthy whole food and maybe a bite or two of not so healthy food just because its there.

Aside from my Sadhana and eating high energy food, I also sleep early. Gone are my rockin’ and a rollin’ days. Early for me is midnight, then up at 6am. I find that the higher my Prana level, the less i need to sleep.

My fourth source of Prana comes from doing something good for the spirit. Like sailing. Like designing and building my own little boat. The satisfaction that comes from doing something beautiful and extra-ordinary.

Here is a picture of my little sailboat or rather sailbanca named TINY (short for This Is Not a Yacht). That’s not me on the boat, that’s Bon, the magic carpenter who hand-crafted the boat and hand-sewed the sail.


Now I have my sights set on creating something bigger that I can take passengers on but first I have to understand the wind and the sea..

Aah.. Life is good 🙂


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