Crowding Out the Bad Food in your Diet


I mentioned in an earlier post that we get our life force energy from 4 sources. The first is from the food we eat and water we drink, the second from sleep, the third from having peace of mind and the fourth is from breathing. If you are having a low energy day, analyze the four sources and chances are, it’s the food you ate.

The energy from food is derived mainly from the photosynthetic action in plants that creates chlorophyll, which absorbs the energy from the sun. If we eat something full of chlorophyll, we are actually eating energy straight from the sun.

While green veggies contain chlorophyll, colored vegetables and fruits contain different phytonutrients similar to chlorophyll that are anti-oxidant and incredibly healthy for us. Check out this link for a list of all the colored fresh foods we can eat. Unprocessed seeds are also little powerhouses of energy. The minute we process all of these food through milling, cooking, preserving or other means, we lose not only the nutrients but also the inherent life force energy of the food.

Compare how you feel after eating a healthy meal of different vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruits and how you feel after a Noche Buena feast of callos, lechon, canned fruit salad and leche flan. When are you most likely jump up and take on the world with a vengeance? Certainly not on Christmas day when most of us are struggling with a hangover and empacho from the night before. Isn’t it much easier to take on difficult tasks and make clear decisions after a lovely, light and colorful meal?

There is a direct relation to what we eat and how we feel after. The pleasure and high we derive from eating refined food is momentary on the lips as we often experience a drop in energy very soon after.

In this day and age of fast, processed and refined food, the incidence of malnutrition is skyrocketing. Malnutrition is no longer having little or nothing to eat, but eating the wrong things. Never before have we consumed so much food and are yet so painfully lacking in nutrition. Overweight people are severely malnourished and are prone to all sorts of lifestyle and auto-immune diseases.

We are a nation of nutritionally stressed people and this lack of Prana is also causing us to feel somewhat depressed and un-centered.

It’s a vicious cycle because when we feel low, we usually reach for more sugar or refined foods to pump ourselves up. We have become addicted to the short energy high that junk food brings.

But how to cut the cravings for junk food?? I myself took so long to get my act together, food-wise. Even when I first turned vegetarian, I was nutritionally stressed from eating too much cheese, pasta, rice and desserts. I would do a lot of yoga and pranayama (breathing) but my energy levels were still low.

I used the “CROWDING OUT” method to kick the addiction to unhealthy refined food. By crowding out I would start every meal with a fruit smoothie, salad or fresh fruits and vegetables. Then just so I wouldn’t feel deprived, I would have some white rice or pasta, dessert or even junk food if I was craving it. I crowded out the bad with fresh whole foods. I noticed that over time, I would eat less and less ‘bad food’ and more and more of the healthy food. I also substituted white rice, white sugar, white bread and anything refined with the whole food version. Brown and black rice, coco sugar and whole grains now filled my plate.

By crowding out, I never felt deprived of my favorite food, but I always made sure I ate the good stuff first. As a result, I had more energy, more concentration and I even stopped taking naps during the day. My body was also more flexible due to the reduction in inflammation that phytonutrients brings.

So take it a step at a time and crowd out the bad stuff with good and pretty soon you will find a balance that works for you.

Cheers and happy crowding out !!


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