EDGY VEGGY is cooking up lots of mushroom goodness together with our partner MINISTRY OF MUSHROOMS (MoM). Marco, Nano and JJ are the men behind the Ministry and you can find them at the Salcedo Market in Makati every saturday (8am to 2pm) making their amazing mushroom burgers. But MoM is more than just mushrooms. They’ve got soul and they have a purpose:

Peace. Love. Harmony. Mushrooms.

Mushrooms can heal the World! Did you know that oyster mushrooms have active ingredients that can actually prevent cancer and enhance immunity. You can also use mushroom mycelia as a substitute for wood and plastic in packaging. The applications of fungi are endless and they are just getting started…

Nano (Victor), Marco and JJ (Jose Javier). Ministry of Mushroom Men

At the market, you can also find fresh oyster mushrooms, dried oyster mushrooms (great for flavoring soups and casseroles) and  mushroom bags to grow your own mushrooms at home!

So we’ve come up with some mushroom goodies like MUSHROOM TAPENADE (300 pesos for 200g bottle). Its marinated oyster and shiitake mushrooms with oven roasted garlic, herbs, cracked red peppercorns and extra virgin olive oil. Its great to have around the kitchen to serve as dip, or put in pastas, salads and other dishes. This dish is vegan.

Also on the menu are MUSHROOM LASAGNA (not vegan! 300 pesos a tray good for 2) full of creamy béchamel goodness, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms galore 🙂 MUSHROOM TURNOVER (also not vegan) is stuffed with spinach and mushroom yumminess plus tasty marinated feta cheese (300 pesos a box of 6).

Catch the Mushroom Boys at Salcedo market’s MINISTRY OF MUSHROOM booth!

Yummily yours,



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